Choosing the '4096' for WordPress Multi-DB even with a NEW multisite install


I have a new multisite install with the "dream" :smiley: of running a giant WP multisite host. Now if I choose '4096' is there any effect on my multisite install?

Thank you!

  • Coach Armstrong
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    I'm sorry, i should have typed 16 not 15. My question is, "what if in the future, my multisite will grow, how many subsites can I be able to increase the database to 256 or maybe 4096.

    After trying to create database, i received error message. So I contacted my host and found out, it's not applicable to create database with the same name as my default WordPress DB. So can't be able to follow the plugin's instruction.

    Select the DB SQL link and type your database name (same name as your default WordPress DB) followed by an underscore (_). Choose the number of databases and click “Submit”.

    But the support staff said that she forwarded the issue to their specialist. She told me that they will update me in 2-4 hrs. but hours have passed and i didn't received any response from them.

    So here's my another question, can I create database without having the same name as my default WordPress DB?

    Thank you!

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Coach Armstrong,

    Hope you're well today and sorry about the delay.

    The database name can be different, but the prefix can't be, ie, if your prefix is wp_ you can't change that to new_ as your prefix it must be the same :slight_smile:

    Sorry again about the delay, we're here to help.


    Kind Regards

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