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I have a large multi-site install with hundreds of domains. It is a shared blog, so every member has access to all the domains. I have the membership directory plugin up and running (it works great!!!!) but I'm having difficulty controlling the specific way it is listed. Right now, it lists like this:

All I want to do is eliminate the /members subdirectory and show their names like this:

This is, after all, how facebook and twitter do it, and it would be a great feature for this plugin! How is this done?


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    Hello alberti,

    Anything can be achieved by changing/creating htaccess rules but I'm just wondering if you have your blogs listed under a blog slug so that the url would be "" or if they're listed directly under the main domain as say "", in which case you might have a conflict with changing member listings to be "".

    Also, if you have pages or posts with permalinks listed directly under the main domain ala "" or "" then you might have conflicts with changing the member listings as well.

    That said, if you take a look at line 34 of the file members-directory.php, you should see the following:
    $members_directory_base = 'members'; //domain.tld/BASE/ Ex: domain.tld/user/

    You can edit that variable to be what you like. For sake of ease, you can get to the file in your admin area by visiting Plugins, locating the Members Directory plugin in the list and selecting "Edit".

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!


  • alberti
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    Thanks, I edited the line 34 to simply list the primary domain name:

    $members_directory_base = ''; //domain.tld/BASE/ Ex: domain.tld/user/

    But it didn't work for any member listings. What am I missing?

  • DavidM
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    Hello again alberti,

    After having browsed through everything a second time I realize I should have left this one to the developers and I apologize for any confusion here. This plugin really is meant to be used in a multisite configuration and that presents far more naming conflicts than I'd hinted at originally.

    Besides that, the editing of the plugin file was insufficient and I'm sorry for the confusion it generated. I was trying to help out, but the edit would take quite a bit more work than I anticipated.

    I'm hoping the developers will have a feasible alternative but given the multitude of possible naming conflicts I really don't see a viable means.


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