CIMY Extra User Fields & Membership 2 Pro

Hi There,

I have Member 2 Pro and Cimy extra user fields installed on the /sarah subsite of my multinetwork. When a user goes to register, the extra fields do not show on the registration form in the front end. The fields are visible and working in the profile page. I prefer not to use buddypress and I have selected show field in registration for all fields. Deactivating all other plugins doesn't change anything either,

In the DOM explorer on the registration page I get:

<div class="ms-extra-fields">
<!--	Start code from Cimy User Extra Fields 2.7.1	Copyright (c) 2006-2016 Marco Cimmino	-->
<input name="cimy_post" type="hidden" value="1"> <br>
<input name="from_blog_id" type="hidden" value="1">
<!--	End of code from Cimy User Extra Fields	--> </div>

Any ideas on where to start with this would be appreciated. I have enabled support access.

Thanks - Mark