Clarification on Membership plugin questions

Am following up on answers to these questions:

1) Since we are a network of sites using multi-site, is it possible for members who pay for a subscription to site A can also get access to all the other sites on the network EXCEPT certain areas restricted for site members only? I.e. Site A has a private set of forums only for Site A members so that everyone else can't read them. The rest of the forums on Site A are open to all though.

- The plugin is designed so that each individual site can be it's own membership site, rather than have multiple membership status across different sites. However, your example should be just fine... basically you make one set of forums on site A members only and the others open to anyone.


3) In lieu of #2 above, maybe I need to expound a bit further -- it's our goal to have an national network of sites as in a co-op fashion where each site has their own subscription responsibilities i.e. merchant/processor, but ties into the network system so that customers at site A can access site B (except private forums as explained in #1). Is this possible?

- This is trickier - basically you'll have to create a set of rules (I believe that the plugin can do this) that says that use4rs must be logged in in the first case and then logged in + members in teh second.

How would this all be implemented so it all works and ties in together across the network?

4) Speaking of processors, we will need one for and/or Netbilling. Is there anyone who can do this for us if we end up using this platform?

- We're planning on adding and PayPal Pro (and Amazon too I think) in a bit, no ETA though I'm afraid.

If we need to roll our own for Netbilling, how do we do this -- there's no documentation at this point? We would likely need to hire a developer anyway, but still need to know what to do?

2) Can each site have their own processor? Some of us use PayPal. Some use, etc. Is it possible to let each site handle their own this way but still provide access throughout the network?

- Yes, each site should be able to choose their own processor.

Finally and especially in lieu of each site having their own processor, set up, etc. do we install this as mu-plugin and let each site set up their own settings or as an individual plugin?


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    You can install in mu-plugins if you want it automatically enabled for everysite/blog. Plugins if you want it only for some blogs or Supporters only, to sell it as a premium upgrade.

    #3 is going to be very complicated, as all membership levels and such are blog specific.

    3 and 4, both rules and gateways use a plugin structure so a decent dev should be able to extend them.

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Re 4: At the moment, there's no developer documentation, once I've got the API finalised I'll release it as I'm still making subtle changes to get our proper 1.0 release out - though the code should be easy(ish) to understand by a competent developer.

    The model template is the gateway.paypalexpress.php file which is in the membershipincludes/plugins directory and we are always here to answer any integration questions / resolve any issues that you find.

  • Solari
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    If it helps any, throughout the network we will likely have three membership levels on every site:


    So if we set it as Premium on Site 2, will it also be that way if the user goes to Site 4?

    If not... How do we make this work, then? I need details since the documentation is still being worked on and we really need to get going on this.


  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    In short, no. The subscriptions, levels and settings and user assignments are specific to each site as they are held in local tables.

    Now, saying that - if you can mirror the subs and levels across all of the sites in question, then you could create a plugin that moves the user through the levels / subscriptions on each site once they move on another site.

    Have a look at the newstream.php file in membershipincludes/plugins - this file controls the newstream on the membership dashboard and hooks into a lot of the member movement actions that the plugin has.
    If you can hook into those movement actions and then get it to cycle through the other sites and apply the changes.

    Thinking about it, there is another method, but let me have a quick look and check the viability of it then come back and post that.

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    It appears that the method I was thinking about wouldn't have been as easy to implement / hack as I thought so I've made some changes to the current development version of the plugin and have added in the ability to configure the plugin to use global tables rather than blog level ones.

    In theory it should work :slight_smile: but will need some testing, keep an eye out for a sticky at the top of the forum for the notification that i've uploaded the new version of the membership plugin - I want to see if I can get a couple of other things in this version before I make it available.

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