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I am trying to get a handle on exactly what I would do in the event of a catastrophic failure where I have to reinstall wordpress completely. I am not sure I understand how SNAPSHOT would help in this instance. Will it be able to restore all my files and tables from a mult-site installation? I know that each site is backed up individually but I still need to be able to restore the master site, files, documents and other settings in order to be able to restore the sub-sites.

I went through the documentation from the link on the WMPDEV dashboard but the document never really covered restore process for a catastrophic failure.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Nigel,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    To make sure you'll be able to fully restore, please take care of Snapshot configuration first:

    - make sure you've created snapshots for your main site and all sub-sites of your network
    - each snapshot should be setup to take a full backup (including files, themes, plugins and available tables)
    - it's very good to either push snapshots to external storage or to download created backups from server.

    In case of "catastrophic" break down, the workflow would be like this:

    1. Setup a clean WordPress install from scratch
    2. Turn it to MultiSite
    3. Install and network activate Snapshot plugin
    4. Either upload previously downloaded backups to the server or setup the target locations as they were before
    5. Using Snapshot "restore" option first restore your main site and then restore each site separately.

    This should allow you to get back on you feet after an "apocalypse".

    I hope that helps!


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