Clarify the extent and capabilities of Marketpress import

Hi all,

I just need some clarification on bulk product import for marketpress. I understand how it works, but have a few questions.

The sample csv file that is included with MP only lists the following things:

title, description, sku, price, sale_price, tags, categories, stock, external_link, download_url, sales_count, extra_shipping, weight.

I see that variations are not listed, does that mean variations are not supported? Or, are pretty much anything possible (including variations) provided the column headers in the csv are correct? If the latter is the case, how do I include variations data in a bulk import?

Next questions, if the taxonomies are not already setup in wordpress before the import is executed, will the import automatically create those categories and tags when it happens? In other words, do I need to setup my product categories/tags scheme before I run the bulk import or can I just let the import process do it for me?