Classified ads image drops ad to the second row

I am running classifieds on my demo site and noticed that when I am using a mac, the float left option is not observed and the image pushed the table out of alignment by dropping down a row. I think it is because I have a left and right sidebar.

My theme allows me to edit a page and select the sidebar for each page however the classifieds page is virtual but does not show up on virtual pages so I cannot drop the secondary sidebar.

Is there a way to drop the secondary sidebar manually in page.php for only the classifieds page?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @mike_desalvio,

    hope you're well?

    This is probably more to do with the table width

    .cf-info table {
      border-collapse: collapse;
      height: 150px;
      margin: 0;
      width: 100%;

    Try setting it to 83%

    .cf-info table {
        width: 83% !important;

    But the 2 sidebars do tend to squash up the center content.

    You would need to create a custom template to remove it.

    In classifieds/ui-front/general/

    copy the page-classifieds.php into your current theme folder

    so in your current theme you add page-classifieds.php to /classifieds/


    Now you should be able to edit the template.

    However, you might want to wait for the next release because it will include fixes for a bug in classifieds which affects the template overriding. the new release should be out soon all being well.

    Hope this helps

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