Classified Ads With No Expiration Date

I'm using Classifieds Version (WP Version 3.9). I'm not using any of the subscription or payment features, just "Free Listings (logged users can create listings for free)."

A logged in user can create ads in several categories. In at least one category, the newly created ad will change to Draft after 1 day (they show up in the users Saved Ads, rather than Ended Ads). I would like all ads to have no expiration date, and display indefinitely until the user ends the ad. With my test ad, I set its status to Published, and did not set a Duration.

I noticed that in the default CustomPress Duration field, the default value is empty.

It seems strange that this only occurs in one category, but it does so reliably. It is somewhat difficult to test, as I have to wait for 1 day to see what happens. Any means to force ads to not revert to Draft would be helpful. This is probably a similar issue to but I think I'm using the most recent version of the plugin.

It would be really nice if I could set a default expiration date per classified category.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Zach

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Unfortunately, there must be a duration set. However, you can set it to a ridiculously long one if you like.

    Simply edit the Durations field in CustomPress by adding another option, say 52 weeks (it must be a multiple of weeks).

    That way at least, the user's ad will run for a full year, and they can simply click the "Renew Ad" button on their "My Classifieds" screen when the year is up.

    As for ads reverting to draft status in only one category a day after they're created, that's an odd one. :slight_smile:

    Does that particular category perhaps have a slug that is a duplicate of a taxonomy in another post-type?

    Are you running any kind of content scheduling plugin/script?

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