Classified page doesn't show classifieds, sidebars changed, etc.

Lots of problems with this plugin:

(1) I put a link to the classified page on my site and nothing shows up there, even though I do have a published ad. I assumed this would be some kind of master list to the classified ads or to category links or something.

I would add shortcode to the page, but the page says, "Virtual page. Editing this page won't change anything."

The ad shows up on the "my classifieds" page, but I assume only *I* see the ads I put up there.

Where to visitors go to see a list of all current ads?

(2) When you go to the page linked above, it changes the names of all the events in the Events sidebar widget to "Classifieds." If you go to the home page, you can see that's not what it should be.

(3) If you look at the ad itself, the featured image shows up twice at the top of the ad. ???