Classified Photos required?

Hiya everyone.

I got the classifieds on my site but it will only allow me to post an ad IF I HAVE a photo uploaded with it.

Not everyone wants to post a photo. How can I disable this so if they want, they don't have to post a photo with the ad?

Thank you!


  • Philip John

    Hiya Kate,

    With David's help we've taken a closer look at this and can confirm that images are required when posting a new listing.

    However, there is a simple fix;

    In classifieds/core/core.php line 848 the following can be commented out:
    $this->form_valid = false;

    by changing it to
    //$this->form_valid = false;

    I'll also move this into feature requests and ask the developer to take a look so that we can consider making images optional in a future version.

    Hope that helps!


  • Kate

    Yayy! It worked!

    Next question. Why is "tags" required? I just know everyone is not going to choose that. Can I make a tag automatically chosen, because I just know it will frustrate people to fill in all that information, have the form return a "you didn't enter a required field" error and then lose everything they've typed.

    Thanks for the help. Slowly, I'm getting this to where I want.

    I need it as simple as can be for the users, and that is halfway done.



  • Philip John


    There is likely another fix that you can use to stop tags from being required. At the moment I haven't got a test site where I can look into it and try it though I'm afraid.

    Once I do I'll check it out and let you know.

    Worth mentioning here that you should keep a backup of all your changes - if you ever update the plugin you'll them. Maintaining a backup means you'll be able to identify the changes so you can apply them to future updates.


  • DavidM

    Hi Kate,

    That one's quite a bit tougher given the way the tags are clumped together with the categories and really, the only feasible way to achieve that is by making it so that neither the categories or tags require validation. We can take a look at making a feature request for a future version, though there's not an easy way to achieve this one currently.

    If you'd like to go ahead and remove the validation for both the tags and categories, the following should work for you.

    In classifieds/core/core.php, on line 844 you'll see the following:
    if ( empty( $params['title'] ) || empty( $params['description'] ) || empty( $params['terms'] ) || empty( $params['status'] )) {

    You can simply remove the 'terms' check as follows:
    if ( empty( $params['title'] ) || empty( $params['description'] ) || empty( $params['status'] )) {


  • Kate

    Thanks for the hint, David.

    It didn't work for me, as it broke the program.

    But, I got half of it sorted by not HAVING to post an image. A lot of people can't be bothered loading images and just want to get the ad up first and then if there is a request they get out and take one.

    I'd like to get rid of a user having to click a tag. It really means nothing to them and is quite confusing. After all, what do they think a tag will do for their classified? I really don't know what a tag does myself, so I just put one so they would not have to choose. I'd prefer them to not have to choose a tag. Most everyone can understand a category though, so that is not a problem.

    I'm gonna close this and end it as a request for that tag feature to come off. I think a lot of people, after losing their ad because they didn't tag the darned thing and try to go back and have an empty page, are going to throw up their hands and leave. But that is probably because of the demographics on my site.



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