classified profile button doesn't go anywhere

Hi, I'm just setting up Classifieds and I have a couple of issues that I would appreciate some advice on

The first one is about when no payment options are set (i.e. free ads ) I still get a 'purchase ads' in my classifieds' - is that meant to happen (i.e. should I manually hide via CSS or change the text by language files - seems clunky)

Then when I click on the 'purchase ads' (even though maybe I shouldn't) link I get a page that tells me my registration is complete
and has a go to profile button that doesn't do anything?

Finally, even though a created a new 'role' for the advertiser, when I look at the advertisers dashboard, I see Media Library and in that the advertiser can see their own images of course, but also have view access to all other site images. That doesn't seem right, is there simple way of changing that, any ideas?

(screen grabs to follow)