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Firstly, I want to thank the Community and Developer for creating this plugin. After a little trial and error and reading between the lines, I got it installed and working on a development area.

I do have a couple of questions that I hope can be answered:

1) Does this actually work with the PayPal Sandbox? The reason that I ask is that I have properly configured the Settings -> Payments to call an active and functioning PayPal API which is associated with that account and the money is not arriving in the Sandbox business account, even though the Sandbox user account indicates that the transaction has been completed.

2) If the existing member has a different email address for PayPal, the plugin appears to create a new user "on the fly" for Classifieds. I think this could be a bug?

As a long-term PayPal user who has multiple Paypal accounts with different email addresses, I know that I frequently buy something through site where I have a membership and, when I am redirected to the PayPal Express Payment screen, I'm able to see the transaction amount and description, as well as choose which PayPal account I want to use to pay for it. After the transaction has completed, I am redirected back to the membership site and the credit/payment is visible in my account at the membership site immediately. This is not the behavior that I'm witnessing using the PayPal Sandbox to test this plugin.

3) Even with the new accounts created on the fly, those users credits are not showing up in their "My Ads" screen so I am a little baffled.

  • Ivan


    2) If the existing member has a different email address for PayPal, the plugin appears to create a new user "on the fly" for Classifieds. I think this could be a bug?

    Yes, that's the default behavior of the plugin. If the email of the user doesn't exists in the WP DB the user is created as part of the checkout, else is updated.

    The other consistent issues (at last using the Sandbox), are that the PayPal checkout screen is not populated with transaction value information (like what is being purchased and for how much) and the credits are not showing up in the user's account at the top of the screen after a transaction completes.

    First you select the amount that you want to pay then you are redirected to PayPal then you authorize the payment on PayPal and then you are being redirected to the site to confirm the payment with all the details. Its standard procedure following all guides of the PayPal Express API.

    As for the credits they should show up in the user account after successful purchase. Please test and report back.


  • virtuallymarj

    Hi Ivan,

    Sorry for my delayed response.

    Your plugin is very nice but there are some implementation nuances that I find unusual.

    1) I'm confused about the development decision to create a new user on the fly if credits are being purchased by an existing member of the site. Ultimately, this could confuse members who buy ads because they would believe they had made a purchase and have a receipt to document that event but the Wordpress member account they are logged into at the time they confirm the purchase would not detail the credits. Thus, they would have to logout of their primary account and login again to place an ad. Do you understand why this might be a concern?

    2) After installing the plugin, I noticed there are 2 "administrative" panels in wp-admin. For a WP subscriber, the panel nearer the top includes navigation to (a) Classifieds and (b) Add New. For a WP Admin, that panel includes navigation to (a) Classifieds (b) Add New (c) Tags (d) Categories.

    3) The panel nearer the bottom of wp-admin includes only Dashboard for a WP Subscriber and, for a WP Admin, the navigation options are (a) Dashboard (b) Settings (c) Credits (d) Content Types.

    4) From what I can tell, there is no way for a WP Subscriber to purchase ads without going through the Checkout page, while the WP Admin level user can buy more credits through the lower Panels "Credits" navigation link. Is this by design?

    5) Unless I've setup the plugin incorrectly, the dollar amount of the purchase is not a field that an advertiser can fill in the blank for.

    6) Unless I've setup the plugin incorrectly, credits are NOT showing up after the purchase has been completed in the PayPal Sandbox ... either on the original member dashboard or on the dashboard of the member "created on the fly" because the email address was not in the WP member database.


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