I have installed Classifieds at my site.

I have some dramas:

- when i click the ad from the classifieds page (which i manually created) it is not bringing any further info on the ad.

Possible future fixes:

- localisation!
- Sub categories (I want to build an online tradr community that rivals ebay - it needs to be organised)
- I want to display ads in a certain category (and/or sub cats) on another blog within the WPMU install.
- Possibly could integrate marketplace features such as shipping/delivery pricing

Hmm... I think I will be at this topic for a while!

Looking forward to building a WPMU Tradr Community !


  • Mason

    Hiya Johnny,

    Nice domain name! :smiley:

    I believe this issue is actually with the bp social theme and not the classifieds plugin. It's one of the remaining themes due for a new update since the latest release of BuddyPress.

    Localization is coming already in a new version of classifieds. We're hoping for a release next week I believe. (Please don't hold me to that, but I do believe it's the plan ;D)

    We have a thread on here already about moving classifieds onto certain blogs within WordPress Multi-site, but I don't believe specific categories for different sites is doable at this point.

    Your ideas all seem very cool. I'll alert the devs and have them take a look. We definitely consider this kind of feedback as we plan our roadmap for development so thanks for the input!

  • johnnymestizo

    i have played around with a classifieds theme.

    I have installed it here at

    it is a place where people can list their surfboard for sale for free

    however, i want to remove it and replace it with the WPMU classifieds plugin.


    - WPMU Support
    - I want to move the main classifieds to the home blog of the mu install (
    - I want people to be able to list their surfboard at but also people to be able to buy it at
    - it is a mashup of ebay/gumtree/craiglist/facebook
    - is this too complex ?

    let me know


  • johnnymestizo

    I am creating a community where people can share knowledge, look for specialised info, to make purchasing a product online a pleasurable experience.

    I have a fundamental question:

    Is making the customer use classifieds a less powerful approach to selling their product than giving them a user account on a marketpress shop ?

    Classifieds seems to have less product info and detail than marketpress which has robust shipping and more product info fields...

    Would marketpress be suited for the niche child blogs and some sort of classifieds/marketpress hybrid suited for the main blog product directory?


  • Mason

    Hiya Johnny,

    It's a valid question and I'd consider a couple things before making your decision:

    1. How many items do you anticipate people wanting to sell and for how long? MarketPress is intended to be used as an online store which generally means several products and a longer-term venture. It might be a bit much to have a person need to create an entire store just to list one item.

    2. How involved do you want to be with the eventual transaction? With MarketPress you can setup a percentage of each transaction and combine with the Supporter plugin to charge your members for creating the shop in the first place (if you want). With Classifieds your users will handle this all on their own.

    Ultimately it comes down to what works for your users and it's good your thinking about it now. Classifieds is much simpler - and that's by design. Either approach can work depending on your needs.


  • johnnymestizo

    i want someone to join my community as a 'tradr' to create their own shopping site... they will become the head tradr then allow other people to post their products... the idea is to set it up like squidoo. a person sets up their page, shop, blog, creates interesting content, then makes money from sales of products either direct or affiliate or ad revenue. if they can attract people to sell products on a tradr classifieds that is good. if the product is purchased from the product listing under their site than they get a commission. if they attract a person who then creates a blog/shop of their own then they get reoccuring commission.

    the above are my requirements.

    i am trying to create a place online where people socialise with other people passionate in a product, get info, group confirmation, (like a forum) then buy the product making the people who helped them get a commission. so everyone wins!

    is this possible?


  • Mason

    Hiya Johnny,

    is it possible to have

    Heh. One of my favorite questions! Answer is almost always of course! Totally possible! ;D

    Problem is getting folks directed to the correct area. You'll have to do quite a bit of awesome design to get folks headed to the right area depending on what they want to do, but yes, classifieds and marketpress should play nice together on the same install so that should work for you.

    Let us know if you have any other specific questions.


  • Ivan

    Hi Gayatriom,

    How do I create a new topic?

    You go to or or any other sub-forum and on top of the right sidebar you will see a "Start a new topic" click "Add New" ... etc.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to change the front end navigation label for classifieds to the label business directory?

    Please open a new topic for your problem and share a screenshot of what exactly you are trying to change, since the question is kinda ambiguous.

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