Classifieds Ads that never expire

Hi there,

is there a way to give classifieds the option to never let an ad expire? I think I have asked about that before but never made a feature request, so here it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, it would be VERY useful :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @toni

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Unfortunately, there must be a duration set. However, you can set it to a ridiculously long one if you like.

    Simply edit the Durations field in CustomPress (included with the Classifieds plugin) by adding another option, say 52 weeks (it must be a multiple of weeks).

    That way at least, the user’s ad will run for a full year, and they can simply click the “Renew Ad” button on their “My Classifieds” screen when the year is up.

    I have also alerted the developer to this feature request. :slight_smile:

  • Toni
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks Patrick :slight_smile:, that sounds like a good work-around for now. Could you think of a way to remove the current options entirely (1-4 weeks) and set a ridic long one like 520 weeks and have it forced on the user once they add a new ad and not show up as 520 weeks but something else or better not show at all?

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there Toni

    This looks like something easy to do, maybe a 2 hour side project. I am marking it as a feature request but if what Patrick originally posted is implemented then I don’t see much value in this one.

    You can take a look at our Jobs Board if its something that you urgently need done :slight_smile:



  • Toni
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Yes Jude almost there :slight_smile:, I just need to figure out how to rename the ridic long 52o0 Weeks into something the user will not find too weird :stuck_out_tongue: any idea how I can do this? I can see that I can get rid of all the options (1-4 weeks) in “Edit Custom Field” but as Patrick pointed out some input must be in there…

  • Hoang Ngo
    • Code Slayer

    Hi @toni,

    I hope you are well today.

    Actually, beside weeks, you can use other units like months, years. So instead of 52 weeks, you can make it 1 year :slight_smile:

    For removing other options, please go to WP Admin->CustomPress->Content Type->Custom Fields tab. From here you can see the Duration field, just click on edit and you will see another screen for updating the options :slight_smile:

    If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can assist

    Best regards,


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