Classifieds Breaks Media Library

Hi team.
Hey the other day we joined up primarily to install and use your classifieds plugin - we have over the past few days been trying to make it look pretty by fiddling with the CSS (and only the CSS). We are almost set for go live of this service on our busy website however we have just noted that the Media Library seems to now have 'issues'.

With the Classifieds plugin enabled the media library shows no images when you try to insert an image into an article or select the featured image (so it's the pop up version of the library). Clicking on >Media>Library still shows all the images and functions as expected.

The end result is that we are unable to insert images into our stories - which has basically ground our website to a halt when it comes to new stories.

When we disable your classifieds plugin then the media library works fine.

Please help!