Classifieds buddypress integration


I have a four questions about Classifieds.


I have got some to list their dress at

Her account is sheisha.

When you click from the first link it goes to sheisha classifieds but nothing is showing.


I need to be able to add classifieds via the group page. Is it possible to have a buddypress group, aka 'Dresses' contain this classified ad?


I have been checking out


* Add Icons to your Categories
* Customize the Classifieds with Any Field You Want (is this done with taxonomies?)
* Show Users Classifieds in their Area (URGENT), i am looking to implement this with WP-Geolocation
* Add Google Checkout as a payment option
* RSS Feeds for your Classifieds
* Show how many visits on that classified ad
Are these on the roadmap of the Classifieds plugin?


Is it possible to show a guestimate of postage costs from User 1 (profile info) to User 2 (profile info) ?

or is classifieds all about user to user communications after the ad is displayed?

and yes, I have been experimenting with the MarketPress plugin.

Let me know if any of these points require clarification.



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya John,

    Let's see if we can help:

    1. I just went to both links and the images appear to be loading fine.

    2. The Classifieds plugin uses custom posts. As such, you could create separate taxonomies to divide your products this way, but they would not be BuddyPress groups. You'd have to create a special group template for each BuddyPress group and then have it display the matching custom taxonomy - though, I'd say it's not worth that amount of effort. Just use the custom taxonomies and display them on a regular page in your theme.

    3. I'll ask Ivan to comment on the roadmap of Classifieds as well as those particular features.

    4. Yeah, this is left to the user to communicate. It'd be quite a bit of development requiring each user to enter their zip code (or maybe country code) and then have that interface with UPS or other mail services to provide the estimate.

    As to the gallery display, this is just a matter of CSS. We don't have any plans to add this capability, but you might find that the directory plugin more suits your need in this case. If you haven't checked it out you can do so here:


  • johnnymestizo
    • HummingBird

    2) Can I use the custom taxonomy I have already created via products in Marketpress?

    If I change the custom post type, cat, tags to match Marketpress, from within Classifeds, will it fall over?

    4) Ok, it looks like I can create a location based taxonomy and go from there... cheers



  • mosaicrob
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    hi @masonjames and @jonnymastizo

    I have in the same question as Johnny asked above in #2.

    @mason, I'm not sure I understand your answer....

    My goal is to be able to post classifieds from buddypress groups, just as you could from a single users' pages. In a perfect outcome, group admins could post classifieds for the group, and they are added to the classifieds directory (

    Your answer seems to be talking about having specific taxonomies of classifieds shown in groups.
    "You'd have to create a special group template for each BuddyPress group and then have it display the matching custom taxonomy."

    I may be misunderstanding, but wanted to ask about if it's possible to have groups actually create and manage classified postings, just as individual users can.

    Thank you in advance...

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