Classifieds buddypress integration


I have a four questions about Classifieds.


I have got some to list their dress at

Her account is sheisha.

When you click from the first link it goes to sheisha classifieds but nothing is showing.


I need to be able to add classifieds via the group page. Is it possible to have a buddypress group, aka ‘Dresses’ contain this classified ad?


I have been checking out


* Add Icons to your Categories

* Customize the Classifieds with Any Field You Want (is this done with taxonomies?)

* Show Users Classifieds in their Area (URGENT), i am looking to implement this with WP-Geolocation

* Add Google Checkout as a payment option

* RSS Feeds for your Classifieds

* Show how many visits on that classified ad

Are these on the roadmap of the Classifieds plugin?


Is it possible to show a guestimate of postage costs from User 1 (profile info) to User 2 (profile info) ?

or is classifieds all about user to user communications after the ad is displayed?

and yes, I have been experimenting with the MarketPress plugin.

Let me know if any of these points require clarification.