Classifieds Bug in Buddypress and Membership

I'm not sure if these bugs have been mentioned before, but considering there is an update of the Classifieds plugin coming soon, I thought I'd better sneak it in.

In Buddypress, the 'Create New Add' (incorrect spelling btw) and Manage Ads (wp-admin) links are appearing in all Settings screens - i.e. not just the Classifieds editing area.
edit: This includes a list of Classifieds images appearing in the Settings area too.

In addition to this, when a negative Membership rule is used for 'BuddyPress Private Messaging' these Classifieds admin links also appear in the Messages/Compose area too.
edit: this Membership related bug isnt duplicated when logged in as superadmin.

Hopefully, this isn't just something that is isolated to my case and you guys are able to find the fix prior to the next release.