Classifieds: Bug in Classifieds showing up in Member Profiles

Loving the Classifieds plugin - especially now that it has front end submission of content! Great work!

I'm noticing a weird bug though... I'm using Wordpress 3.04 and Buddypress 1.2.7.

A User can successfully add a Classified. It shows up, and other Users can view it.

My issue is that a User can navigate to another Member's profile, click on Classifieds, and then rather than seeing that Users' Classifieds, they see the Classified they - themselves - have posted.

So if I (Phill) navigate to James' profile, click of Classifieds, I will see my own Classifieds there - not James. Is this a bug or intended functionality?

The expected behaviour here would be to see the Classifieds of the Member I'm looking at - ie. if I'm looking at James' profile, I'd expect to see James' Classifieds here.

Is there an easy way to correct this? Thanks in advance!