Classifieds Bugs/Feature Reqs


I'm trying out the classifieds theme, and I've come across a bunch of issues I thought I'd raise.

1. If you go to edit, or re-list an ad then the currency gets re-set to US Dollars
2. The image cropping looks a bit weird when it's first loaded - although it sorts itself out as soon as you grab one of the resize handles
3. On the categories admin page (admin.php?page=classifieds_categories) all of the table columns are the same width, despite the fact that most of the columns contain like 10 characters max. This causes the actual description column to take up a large amount of vertical space and be hard to read.
4. "Edit Image" replaces the image in the backend - but the front end still shows the original image [This actually might be down to my customisation of image sizes] [Edit: It was - you can ignore this]

Feature Requests:
- Front end posting :slight_smile:
- Assign an image to categories
- Customisable image sizes - landscape format thumbnails don't make sense on my site and right now I'm going to have to change the image sizes in the core code when I upgrade. Even if "customisable" means having a filter we can hook onto - not necessarily a UI ...
- It'd be nice to be able to filter the classified ad list (/admin.php?page=classifieds) by category
- Permalinks

I'll add more as/when I find them ... do you guys accept patches?