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Just updated to classifieds 2.3 – testing at the moment so allowing free adverts – from the front end I create a new account > go to create new classified > add text etc to boxes but there is no button or link to publish or post the advert once ready? Any ideas where I am going wrong? – thanks Chris

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    I've just been playing with the new release and can post both when BuddyPress is enabled and when it isn't (they behave slightly differently so I tested both to be sure)

    Can you please go to your settings page and just go through the options like "Classifieds Status Option" to ensure it's all complete.

    Then save and try again. Let me know what happens.


  • arcaneagenda
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi sorry for the delayed reply on this – I established this problem is conected to IE8

    it fails to display the lower part of the create advert page – this could be a problem as I know a lot of potebtial visitors to the site will be using IE8 – problems with IE9 have made a quite a few return to IE8 until IE10 is sorted – is there an IE8 hack to sort out this page display issue?

    There is also a problem with Fire Fox – when you sign up as a new user the “create new advert” button doesnt display until you do a page refresh – so you are left wondering what to do next and are likely to leave the site – its running here:

    thoughts appreciated – many thanks Chris

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    I’ve tried to use the IE8 settings in the IE9 developer tools which is as close as I can come to IE8. I don’t see any problem

    You do look like you have a problem with permalinks not working properly. Try this.

    Go to CustomPress > Content Types > Post Types and delete the “classifieds” post type. Then go to PLugins and deactivete and reactivate the Classifieds plugin. Then try

    You shouldn’t get a virtual page warning anymore.

    I was able to enter a classified on your site with IE.

  • arcaneagenda
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks for the advice Arnold – your instructions worked!! – the adverts now display and the “save advert” button now shows in IE8 as well.

    The only issue thats still outstanding and I have found this in FF as well as IE8 and 9

    when you create a new user – get the pass and log in for the first time – the “Create New Classified” Button doesnt show – you have to refresh the page to get the display –

    guess it could be a script issue.

    Thanks again AG

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