Classifieds + Directory + CustomPress Cannot Delete Taxonomies and Other Confusions

Hi, I did search and found similar issues from donmcint but it was not followed up on. Iam also having issues using the two plugins Classifieds and Directory.
1. Most important: I chose to enable the sample taxonomies in Directory and wish I hadn't because as above, I cannot delete any. I added all of my own, but now I can't delete any. Ideally, I would be able to bulk edit taxonomies in CustomPress so I could delete all the sample taxonomies.
2. I could not even find where to edit taxonomies so I installed CustomPress to help me with all this but it's still very confusing. There are too many places to access the Classifieds and Directory stuff from, with the listings and settings being separate, and then the taxonomies are all combined in custompress. And when I go to enter a new taxonomy, the form repeats itself, it seems.
Very confusing to administer these!
3. When I click on "Add New Listing" in my admin (for Directory), it automatically goes under the first taxonomy and I have no way to change where it goes. Or at least, cannot find how to do that.