Classifieds, Directory, MarketPress on a Buddypress site - which one to use?


I’ve been using the Classifieds plugin during development of a site for a client but wonder now whether the Directory plugin will offer more of what I am looking for as I notice it offers ratings and reviews. The brief is as follows:

The site allows lenders to add their own items for borrowers to borrow. The lender pays an advertising fee via PayPal to the website owners. Any transaction fee between the lender and borrower in terms of borrowing the item occurs away from the site. Lenders can post comments and ratings about borrowers. Borrowers can post comments and ratings about lenders. Lenders and their items will be displayed on a Google map so that borrowers can find items close to their location. Widgets across the site need to display enticing messages such as Top 10 items borrowed, Item X just borrowed, Item Y is very popular.

I am using BuddyPress as the community and profile part of the site. I’ve been working with Classifieds but there are a few areas where it doesn’t meet my requirements:
The transaction between lender and borrower is not stored in the database, only an email notification is used. This means there is no data stored about each transaction so I can’t create the widgets required
It doesn’t seem possible for lenders and borrowers to leave ratings and reviews about the service to each other. This needs to be on a per transaction basis e.g. a user borrows a drill off a lender in April and they both leave a rating and review about that transaction. The same borrower then borrows some ladders off the lender in June and they both leave ratings and reviews about that separate transaction.

I have developed a bespoke plugin to integrate BuddyPress and Classifieds to create the Google Map functionality which can be tweaked to work with another plugin e.g. Directory. I want to avoid bespoke work where possible though, so can you recommend which mix of plugins can meet the majority of my requirements please?