I am working to create a vacation rental site through the classifieds plugin
I need some changes, have some thoughts and suggestions. I am pretty much a newbe so if you know how to do any of this easily, please explain me :wink: If you would like to see this changes please bump/reply to this post as WPMU regards requests as more important when more people are interested!

add googlemap to ad based on address fields
allow uploads of photo, which generate a slideshow
allow to select one as featured image
allow to set number of photo allowed by admin
force user to choose ONE and ONLY ONE category

set upload path of photos to category/post-name, is that possible and how?
allow for a direct link to flickr, facebook, twitter, linkedin etcetera of the ad poster, which will show a button on the post or ad (the admin can choose the logo)
allow to include a flickr slideshow

allow for grouping of custom fields, eg allow for group called Adresss which consists of Street, Postal Code, City, Country etcetra
allow what if within custom fields, so only show a group of custome fields if previous question is yes
allow the changing of the order on how the fields will be shown on the frontend

allow to check input against different criteria, valid email, valid website, number only, etcetera

change name in URL of classified to something else
e.g. http://website/category/ad-name

allow for the duration field to be deactivated, and have it set automatically based on paid or free subscription selection

advanced search allowing custom fields search,

featured promotions selection, user can subscribe to a featured selection either paid or free
allow this to be inserted easily into a post, page or sidebar through shortcode, to show all discounted ads

special discount banner, allow for user to set a discount which shows up as a banner on the featured photo, can be set as an free or paid feature
allow this to be inserted easily into a post, page or sidebar through shortcode, to show all discounted ads

multiple currencies for different geographies, the admin sets the standard currency for each country or region, the user cannot change this

allow for an easy creation of a template to show the single ad, search result etcetera, drag drop templater or some guide on how to do this

Payment options
yearly subscriptions
trial included in one time payment and subscriptions
allow for coupon code, for running temp discount promotion