[classifieds] How to Install on only 1 blog + BuddyPress

The instructions for Classifieds say to install in mu-plugins.

I'm not offering blogs for users on my site and I only want users to add and edit their ads via their BuddyPress profile.

Is it possible to install only for this scenario? ...as I'd prefer not to have Classifieds ad info appearing in the backend of every blog.


  • Mason
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    Hiya Paul,

    If you're in a single-site WordPress install then the setup you're looking for should be totally doable. The mu-plugins folder is used by any version of WordPress (even single site). Simply create the mu-plugins folder in wp-content and drop the classifieds files in there as directed.

    If you're running a multi-site install and only want it to show on one blog then this may be a bit more difficult to do. Give us a bit more info on what you're trying to do and we'll see if we can get a solution together for ya.


  • member1
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    thanks Mason.
    I'm running multi-site, but only allowing users to create accounts (via Membership plugin) not blogs. I have a Classifieds blog which displays all classfied ads and users can add and edit ads via their BP profiles. well that's the goal anyway. Still developing.

    It's not such a big issue, just annoying to see classifieds on every dashboard.

    On another note, classified stats are shown in the 'Right Now' section of the dashboard. Perhaps if these could be moved out of there to there own 'dashboard section' then I might be able to turn them off using the screen options.

    cheers for your help

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