Classifieds Issue with short-codes on front-end editor

Hello I am trying to install and set up the classifieds plugin it is wonderful by the way! I just have two issues that I am in desperate need of help with. I don't use buddypress I use users ultra pro for my social content. I love their plugin and options and back end control.. I just am having an issue with trying to get the classifieds sign in page to use their login form which can be implemented into a page via shortcode. I would really like to use it if possible. The other issue I am having is that every time I login to my test account and go to publish a new listing I am seeing the usersultra shortcode it happens once and awhile but not every time. I really can't have that displayed in the editor I need help displaying the teeny mode. I am willing to allow you to login to my site if you would like because it would be quicker for you than to sit here and describe it to me. If that is however the route you would like then please tell me where to go and how to! Thank you so much for your help in advance I really look forward to using this plugin to its full potential. My site hasn't even gone live yet and we already have over 50 members.. Its going to be interesting! Thanks again!