Classifieds Manual + How to Show All Ads in one page


Can you guide me how to show all the Classifieds in one page?
Also can I increase the expiration date to 1 months or 1 years for example?
It only show 1 - 4 weeks duration.

Best Regards

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Bumianto,

    Hope you're well?

    the classifieds list takes it's value from what you configure in the settings page for read posts.

    Dashboard > settings > reading

    You should be able to list the classifieds on the default page by visiting

    with regards to the expiration date, You can edit the options in the customPress component.

    Dashboard > custompress > content types > custom fields

    Then click to edit the durations custom field.

    You should now be able to add extra options in the fields provided, or add new fields.

    Use the same format as for the weeks.

    So if you want to add 1 month option. Enter it as 1 month

    2 months enter as 2 Months (with the s on the end)

    I believe this should work, but i'm not 100%,.

    I'll need to ask one of the developers if the above doesn't work for you.

    Hope this helps

  • Bumianto

    Hi Support,

    Thanks for your quick answer and Great Plugin.
    I have several question, since I tried to convert my site from another wordpress classifieds plugin to your plugin :slight_smile:.

    1. I see there's a payment settings for people when they want to publishing an Ads. Do you provide a code for people to register as a new member to your site?
    2. I also want to add so when customer see an Ads, they can directly paid the product in the Ads. Is there any payment feature that I can used?
    3. I see in your forum, your developer support provide a simple code to display the Ads. I want to create custom page. Is there any guideline for me to start? or maybe any code that I can used as a refference? (I cannot found any manual for this plugin.)

    Best Regards

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