Classifieds – No registration option

Everything was working fine, until I logged out of WP and tried creating an ad as a User, and found there is no option available that I can find, it just says “You have to login to view the contents of this page.”

I appreciate any help. Using the latest version of WP 3.2.1

thanks for any help/suggestions!


  • wthompsonjr
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I really hope someone can help me here. My site is live and the Classifieds still are functioning.

    I did find that if I simply go to /wp-register.php and sign up with a test account, this does work, but it takes me to the back end, which I’d rather not have users do. And on top of that, when I do go there, I notice I also have access to edit any of the other ads already posted, which just can’t happen.

    This plugin has been really frustrating so far, I wish there was a better tutorial/manual. I have faith though that the other plugins here will be much better, I plan on using a lot of them!

    Thank so much anyone for help!


  • wthompsonjr
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Ok, well I found out that this plugin doesn’t include any front-end registration (crazy!)

    So, I just downloaded the Login Redirect plugin and used that to redirect the user to the “My Classifieds” page where they can create a new listing.

    And yes, this also redirects me as well when I log in as an admin, but oh well, just an extra click to hit the “Dashboard” button on the Toolbar at the top.

    Now I just need to figure out some styling issues. And also, if by chance, a user DID get into the backend, why they have access to edit and delete any other users’ ads as well. That really needs to be fixed in the plugin.

    Thanks to S H in Live Support for at least getting me an answer about front-end registration. That got me headed in the right direction!

  • wthompsonjr
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Phil,

    Yeah I just didn’t want users in the back office (and plus it’s still allowing them to edit other peoples’ ads and I’ve created a post for the developer and he’s looking into it).

    I downloaded the Login Redirect plugin and send the user to the My Classifieds page immediately after registering. The combination of the two plugins seems to work perfectly for what I was trying to do.

    Oh and I think I got the css styling fixed for my theme as well.

    Thanks for the reply!


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