Classifieds not accessible by users - system still down

Please see thread regarding Membership here:

Currently there are still a number of problems.
1. I no longer have Pages for Classifieds. I have deactivated and re-activated the plugin as well as deleted and reinstalled plugin and the pages are still not being created. Therefore, I can not longer add them to the menu for users.

2. I took the Classifieds off of the main menu (when pages were available) so as to eliminate user confusion. Now a user can only create an Ad from the user dashboard (which our users do not know how to do at this point). When they click on Add New Classified the system goes to a 404 page not found. When I click on Add New Classified as a system admin, everything works fine. I suspect this is attributed to item #1.

Membership rules have been set up as negative rules per the recommendation in the referenced thread and yet I still cannot get Classifieds to run. Please advise when a solution to Classifieds will be coming.

I have given system access to WPMUDEV through the dashboard so you can access the system to review.