Classifieds page not loading content


This plugin has been installed and I've loaded some classifieds.
I have a BuddyPress installation and I'm using the theme SocialBuddy.

1. However, when I view the the Classifieds page, it doesn't show the ads.
All I can see is the default text 'Virtual page. Editing this page won’t change anything.' It is my understanding that this page should automatically list the ads, without me having to do anything else.

2. Also, when I'm trying to view an individual ad, it can't find the page. I am however able to see the My Classifieds page in the BuddyPress area, with a list of ads. It is only when I click to view the ad, that it doesn't find the page.

3. I have the same problem when I'm trying to load a category of ads. When I click on one of the links in the category list, it can't find the page.

I've checked this functionality, using the TwentyEleven theme and its showed the same issues.

Kind Regards