Classifieds pagination only works on Categories pages

How do I get pagination to work on the main classifieds page, the my classifieds page and the author page that shows classifieds by a certain author? Currently an "older posts" and "newer posts" link shows up only on the category pages.

I tried upgrading the plugin from version 2.1.3 to version 2.1.5 but still the older posts / newer posts link only shows up on the categories pages.

Also, is it possible to have numbered pagination so one could click on a page number instead of wading through each page until you get to the one you want to be on?

So navigation like this:
Page 2 of 7 <Previous 1 2 3 4 Next> Last>>

Also, I noticed something weird with the categories. Lets say I put an ad in my parent category called Cycling and I also put it in a child of "cycling" category called "mountain". When I click on the child category link in the ad it takes me to that categories page, so in this example it takes me to the page Category: Mountain. But if I click on the "Cycling" category link in that same ad it takes me to the single ad page for that ad. Shouldn't it take me to the Cycling category page? That's what I want it to do.