Classifieds plugin or CustomPress plugin? says:

Please Note:
If you have CustomPress or Directory activated you will receive a fatal error since, there is a function with the same name in the packages.
Deactivate CustomPress or Directory and everything will be fine. This will be fixed for the next version release.

Classifieds ( ) was setup "using" CustomPress ( ).

So CustomPress can do everything Classifieds can do, and more.

But does CustomPress have a Classifieds "on" button? Or would I need to essentially "rebuild" Classifieds on my own via CustomPress?

Classifieds seems to have a lot of neat features that I wouldn't want to lose (or would have to manually do myself) if I had to do CustomPress, particularly integrating with BuddyPress.

-When is that next version expected to be released?
-If I do Classifieds now, can I later Deactivate and then Activate CustomPress instead and it'll just "take over"?