Classifieds plugin + Studio Theme + most up-todate versions of buddypress + wordpress multisite

Morning Peeps,

I am at a begginer level with my understanding of wordpress however i thought i would give it a bash!!

As per the subject i have all the latest versions installed with the studio theme and my classifieds do not look anything like what is displayed on the plugin download page Attached is a screen shot of what i get with the studio theme (BTW i have not changed template or theme files so it is ‘out of the box’ so to speak.

As you can see from the screen shots the profile classifieds is displayed with a table layout and not a thumbnail as per the screenshot on wpmu;

The Classifieds home page also shows the grey box ideally i would have expected it to have some structure displaying thumbnails with descriptions and sorted via catagories (bit like directory)…. is there anyway this can be achieved with the studio theme? if so how and what theme / template files must be edited?

Finally the ads page (when you click on a advert displayed in the profile or from the main classifieds index page) looks nothing like the screenshot on the wpmu plugin download page.

Again can someone explain what needs to be changed or edited to accomplish this, becuase the screenshot named classifieds-ad.png (attached) looks empty and the contact me button should be displayed after the description but before the leave a comment.

Thanks in advance to all who contribute and sorry it’s a friday :slight_frown: