Classifieds - results don't show price or contact info for seller. What am I missing?

So, I set up the classifieds plug-in with buddypress and membership in play (just letting you know there is a good deal going on).

This is what I get:

Anything that looks like a link, I click on it, and get a 404 error page. It doesn't matter if I am logged in or not logged in, it's all Darwin here (all missing links).

Look, I anticipated not liking the way it looked. I adore CSS, and was all set to make it look the way I wanted it to before go. But the info on this said it would work 'out of the box', and then I could edit it if I so desired.

Um. With no price visible, no info to contact the seller (no form for the seller to even provide contact info), and every possible link Darwin, well, I am not seeing this as an 'Out of the box' solution that I can easily edit.

Please! What am I missing! Obviously, I have bypassed something really simple and straight-forward, because this is not in any way, shape, or form providing what it's supposed to.

Also, a really crazy idea, but I'd actually love to be able to list ads by category, but I saw no shortcode for doing this. Is this yet another thing I missed?

Please help! This is making me quite testy.

  • Mason
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    Hiya @camparoo,

    lol re:smiley:arwin

    Ok, first things first. Anytime you activate a new plugin or theme and find that a whole heap of the links aren't working the best course of action is to go to Settings>Permalinks and simply resave this page. This will reset everything for WordPress so that items get redirected correctly.

    What I'm seeing on your site is that when trying to go to an individual ad the link is showing up as "classified" rather than "classifieds". If resaving the permailinks does not fix this then we need to look at disabling any other plugins (even membership) to see if one of them is interfering with classifieds for some reason.

    The price, seller info, full description, etc is all displayed on the individual classified items page. Once we get the links working you'll be able to see this and style accordingly.

    I'd actually love to be able to list ads by category, but I saw no shortcode for doing this. Is this yet another thing I missed?

    There's currently no shortcode, built into Classifieds to display by category, but since it's relying on custom post types, you can use the default function in your theme template or a plugin like this one:

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • camparoo
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    Hi Mason,

    Actually the problem is a tad more complicated than that. I do always start by checking Permalinks, and also by disabling all plugins. Been there, done that. After reading your suggestions, I did run across a few other issues that may make resolving this problem a bit more simple? Or Not.

    Classifieds plug-in also requires CustomPress as part of the install. This set-up allows you to create a single post-specific template for the Classifieds plugin (see attached pic). I did set this up. When I deleted this page, I saw all the plug-in is supped to do – all pricing, contact, and duration info in my post.

    Only problem? I HATE the layout. So, I went back to CustomPress and recreated a single post template specific to Classifieds per their instructions. Hilarious results, as the page content was identical in coding, but the results differed a great deal. The original 'single.php' had issues, but displayed all of the Classifieds plug-in data correctly. The new template, with identical code, did not display duration, price, or a way to contact the seller. And yes, I did update the Permalinks yet again. No joy.

    So, two templates with identical code and very different results. I am at a complete loss.

    Oh, and during this entertaining 'tour' I did find a few shortcode variables for Classifieds. These are provided in the CustomPress custom fields area. Sadly, these don't allow me any way to add the 'contact seller' form, but it's nice to know they are available.

    Anyway, any suggestions? I am past eloquent solutions. I just want this to work. At present, I need to trash my single post blog display to make my products have a sweet showing. Crazy me, I'd like blog posts and product posts not to suck arse.

    More input? Please!

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    So, two templates with identical code and very different results. I am at a complete loss.

    Yeah, that's ridiculous and totally baffling.

    While Classifieds is built on CustomPress and can be thought of as CustomPress: Classifieds Edition, it actually has stuff built in that's supposed to help with layouts, etc.

    For instance, if you checkout the classifieds/ui-front/ directory, you'll see a general and buddypress folder.

    These folders contain theme template files that you should be able to copy to your theme and adjust as you like for the theme.

    Something's definitely wrong with what I'm seeing on your current classifieds setup though. It's showing a list of the regular WordPress pages as opposed to classified entries.

    Could you try using the files included from the directory I mentioned above (if you haven't already)?

    If the output isn't styled right, or needs changes we can modify that once they're in place.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes for ya.

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