Classifieds started setting all new ads to Pending

I have a site with the Classifieds plugin installed. At first everything was working OK, but lately it has started setting all new ads to "Pending Review". This is problematic because I don't want to review ads. In the settings, under General, "Pending Review" is unchecked, only Published and Draft are checked.

My understanding is that this should eliminate the "pending review" step and let members publish directly themselves. Also, under the Capabilities tab, the user role "Classifieds Member" has the following permissions:
View classifieds.
View private classifieds.
Add classifieds.
Edit classifieds.
Edit published classifieds.
Delete classifieds
Delete published classifieds.
Upload files.

Basically, it's everything except private classifieds and messing with other people's classifieds.

Why has it started setting people's classifieds to Pending Review?

Everything is up to date, by the way (WP, this plugin, etc.).