Classifieds subscriptions, css, & expiration dates

I'm working on getting the classifieds plugin set up on my site to replace the AWPCP (another wordpress classifieds plugin) which I've been using for the past six months or so. However, I'm having trouble with a couple of items:

1. I'd like to only offer subscriptions. However, my site has Buddypress installed and unless I allow the credits option, no option to purchase an ad appears in the user's profile. Is there a way to remedy this?

2. I can't find where to edit the css for the single classifieds or the list. I'd like to keep the expiration date on listings, but not have them viewable to the general public (only to the user). Also, I'd love to remove the table border and edit the featured image size.

3. In the Dashboard, there are buttons to edit the duration of an ad and to end ads; however, these do nothing when I click them.

4. This kind of goes along with my previous question: I need to move quite a few ads over from my current system and they all have various expiration dates. I'd like to keep these dates when I move the ads over the new system. Can I edit the expiration date for an ad after I create it (or while I'm creating it)? (I want to switch to subscriptions only for future ads, but right now I have a lot of ads that have paid up for just one year, so I want to move them over to the new system set with the same expiration date as they have currently.)

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I'm looking forward to getting this up and running as it will provide many more ways to customize (via custompress) than my current classifieds plugin offers.

Amy Joy