Classifieds - Supporter places ads FREE & Expire!

I was thinking of more incentives for supporters and more ways to create websites which offer value to communities whilst also giving potential revenue streams not just in product placement but also ad placement.

I think it would be cool if you could not only charge a user to place a listing (non support) but also allow supporters the opportunity to place ads free.

But what if they sign up for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month to place their ads?

Two ways to tackle this:-

- Take classified ads off-line if their supporter status changes.
- Give them limited credits automatically every month, so you could restrict their free listings to 2 or 3 every month.


Yup you offer this now, but what if people wanted to place ads for events? What if the admin could set up certain categories so that ads can last for longer and expire on or X days before/after an event.

This could plugin right into your Buddypress calendar! :wink:

Simple changes open the doors to many more possibilities and thus many more potential users.

Coupon codes would also be cool to offer free listings.

  • DavidM

    Hi Tim,

    Some good ideas there. :slight_smile:

    I think much of this could be achieved currently using the included Supporter plugins as basic building blocks. Being that the next release is due out rather soon, it might be best to wait and see how these things might change.

    Regarding events, do you think the way that Classifieds is currently structured, it might be better geared toward events than the Directory plugin?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Absolutely, I think the Classifieds is best! I'd like as mentioned in my post to also see it linked into the Buddypress calendar for events. :slight_smile:

    I can't wait to see the new supporter plugin! :wink:

    Some kind of plugin could then be made for a widget which could pull (regarding my past posts about upcoming products/events for market press) an upcoming events from both Classifieds and Marketpress because these are two fantastic products, Marketpress gives them a cart, Classified gives them one of listings.

    Upcoming could also be random (in the next x days) where product/ticket stock exists. :slight_smile:

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