Classifieds - Why no Front End Posting?

Installed the Classifieds plugin OK and it is working (apart from the emails - see below)

I really like how it integrates with BP and the credit system - these are excellent. However, I do have several Issues:

1) Why can't classifieds be created / edited etc from the site front-end instead of the back-end WP admin panel - or am I missing something?
Firstly, I want to keep people out of the back-end admin panel for security reasons
Secondly, as the WP admin panel isn't themed to match the site, it doesn't look very professional if this is the only way site users can create and manage their classifieds. And I don't want to have to have the admin area themed to match the front-end site. This aspect alone is making this plugin unfeasible for any of my projects.
Thirdly, by using and listing wp-admin it is making it obvious that the site is running on WP / BP etc - this issue isn't all that important but whilst I'm here.

2) The main Classifieds page shows the image and title but not the price. This is not very good from a usability perspective, if visitors have to keep clicking back and forth on ads to get the price.

3) Where do the categories show? Should there not be a page / section for site visitors to choose which categories to browse etc?

3) The emails (in response to adverts) aren't including the senders email address - so how is the seller to respond to potential buyers?

I appreciate the classifieds plugin is relatively new and will no doubt be enhanced over time. But, for me anyway, if the classifieds can't be created / edited from the site front-end, then this plugin is a non-starter. This is on a WP 3.0.1 and BP latest version (not MU)