Clickbank and JVZoo Integration for Membership 2 Pro and Pro Sites

Over the past 4 years I’ve seen numerous requests for Clickbank and/or JVZoo integration with Membership Pro and/or Pro Sites. These requests eventually got rounded into a post ( in this section. Unfortunately there has been no response from WPMU DEV in the past 4 years.

Integration with either Clickbank or JVZoo would allow users to easily sell their services through huge affiliate networks and could greatly increase sales. Can someone on the WPMU DEV look into adding this feature and let us know if it’s feasible?

I know of at least one premium membership plugin (S2Member Pro from WebSharks) that offers Clickbank integration, but WPMU DEV members are already paying for premium plugins and support. We shouldn’t have to buy a competing product to take advantage of a single feature that should be a no-brainer in terms of its benefit to your members.

Please take another look at this request and have your developers look into adding this feature ASAP.