clicking the buy now or add to cart button sends me to a wierd search page

I see the cursor icon in the box I am trying in hasn’t been fixed. Not sure if anyone realizes it but there is not cursor reference in the box when you submit a new topic on the forums here.

Anyway, I have an issue which is driving me insane.

When I click on a buy now or add to cart button I get redirected to a search page and it references a double .com .com url being used. I don’t get that when clicking anything else on my site. Seems like it may have been a browser hijack or something of that nature but when troubleshooting nothing came up as being on my computer and I have since uninstalled and reinstalled multiple browsers.

I have also removed all plugins and tried just the marketpress on it’s own. Same thing.

I have a WPMU site with buddypress and currently the marketpress plugin is deactivated according to my screen but things seem to be working as if they were still on.

Here is a page where the button is located if you would like to see the fun in action.

Any ideas?