Client cannot receive reports

Client cannot receive reports – deleted confirmation mail, have tried removing as recipient and adding again, user still in pending and no new confirmation mail is sent…
Documentation does not give answer to this problem.

  • Matthew Dever
    • New Recruit

    Is their mail server on the same server as the webs server? If it is not there can be an issue with the web server unable to send email to its own domain as it’s expecting to be able to use localmail to do so, and you will need to install an smtp plugin to get it to be able to send mail externally to reach its own domain. This typically happens when the client uses office365 or gmail for their email.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    That’s correct Jacob, these emails are coming from one of our own domains,, so no need to setup a SMTP plugin on the site.

    I tried to replicate in a testing site of mine and I got the confirmation email within seconds though. :thinking:

    Is this about the domain you selected while creating this topic?
    If so, can I try to add a testing email address of my own?
    Please advise!

    Thank you,

  • Jacob
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Dimitris,

    Yes it is on g****
    Please go ahead,
    try to add a testing email address of your own.

    I think the issue is in when you subscribe a user to a report on their behalf:
    They get a mail they have to confirm to report subscription by.
    If they delete this mail, their status in reporting service stays in ‘pending’ – even if you remove them from recipients of a report and add them again. There is no chance this email-address will ever have a chance of receiving reports. Because the use-case of the user deleting the “approve-to-receive-report-mail” was not considered during development of the reporting service.
    I may be wrong and the issue is something different – this was just a thought. I hope that you can prove that I am wrong and tell me the issue is something different and easy to solve.

    Thanks for your assistance,

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there Jacob

    I tried to replicate in my end, so I removed the pending additional account that I created yesterday to test this, saved my Report, then edited it again and re-added the same email and I got another confirmation email in my inbox.

    Testing this in your end, I was also able to replicate the same. Keep in mind that my company email is actually a GMail/GSuite.

    Can you please try with another testing account, just in case it’s the specific email client that’s problematic? Looking forward to your results!

    Thank you,

  • Jacob
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Dimitri,

    I tried with a protonmail ( account.

    If the new recepient does not click “Confirm Subscription”-button in mail with Subject: Subscribe to Website Reports for https://g*****
    – i.e. delete it or have it in junk-mail, then there is nothing I can do with that recipients e-mail address. It will forever stay in pending as on attached screenshot. No matter how many times I add or remove them as recipient to a report in the Hub.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hey Jacob

    I think I’m missing some replication steps, as I wasn’t able to replicate using a fresh Protonmail in your Hub and that specific website.
    As you can see below, I still got 2 emails:

    Can you elaborate on the exact steps that you’re following?
    Or even better some screencast would be awesome. I just marked this topic as “internal” too, so you’re free to post any of these. For sharing screenshots/screencasts, I personally use Monosnap but you should be able to find many tools out there.

    For reference, my test was:
    – go to Hub -> Reports
    – add my recipient and Save
    – check inbox, email has arrived
    – go to Reports, remove that user and Save
    – edit Reports again, re-add the same recipient and Save
    – check inbox, email no2 has arrived

    Warm regards,

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