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Have a client looking for this criteria for his business site, any recommendations for plugins to accomplish

Client Request..

1. I will be selling bucket of consulting hours so a method for a customer to login and see how many hours they have remaining and have used along with a detailed list of how the hours were used


  • DavidM
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    Hiya Scott,

    I'm a bit stumped on that one. The best I can think of would be to custom code up an account page and a section in the user profiles where the Admin can post details as such. And in the account page you could display those details for the respective users.

    Alternatively, I figure you might be able to get away with password protected pages (or pages protected using the Membership plugin perhaps) for individual members and those pages are updated with said details.

    I'll run this by a few of the other guys over here to see if they've got any ideas.


  • Mason
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    Yeah, I don't know of any tool for WordPress, but I use freshbooks myself and love it. Their team is amazing and it makes time tracking per project/client a breeze.

    I should also add that they have a pretty terrific API. I know a couple WordPress developers that have used this to provide integration into WordPress sites, so it might be possible to achieve what you're looking for here through that. GravityForms even has a freshbooks module.


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