Client Report Type incorrect

Client report type for Reports is inaccurate when it comes to listing the plugin, or themes which is pending updates.

The report shows as below for Client Reports:

The above message isn't clear whether it's related to Update log, or whether it means all the plugin are up to date. The above is how every reports shows, even when the plugin is listed as not updated, which doesn't seem to be clear.

2) Update logs - On what terms the update logs work? Manual plugin update, or Automate? Does it show by default for both Client, and Developers report?

  • Dimitris

    Hello there Dean

    Currently all Reports can see updates made strictly via Automate. This is something that will be updated in the upcoming Hub v.2.0.

    Now, the difference between Clients and Developers reports is that Clients will see notices only for the already updated plugins and themes, while Developers will also get these, as well as notices about pending updates.

    I'm 100% sure, if we are going to have any updates in Hub 2.0 on this part, so I'm pinging our growth team for further information. Will keep you posted here as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

    Thank you,

  • Dean

    Hi Dimitris,

    Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification of your reply.

    If there is no option to allow clients to see the pending updates, then this could be rather misleading or unsafe to supply to clients. Like how can you send reports to clients saying everything is up-to-date and they are not? it's very unsafe.

    What happens if we leave the reports on, but don't perform the updates/maintenance? This could lead to an attack on the website because the plugins are old and not updated. As far as the client is concerned, the reports are just saying that the plugins were they would be be totally unaware of what is going on with their website. It's almost like we are lying to them by hiding this information from them and just saying "Everything is up-to-date" when it's not.

    As well as this important functionality, a feature request I would suggest would be that we can choose what we call the plug-ins. So instead of saying "contact form 7 need updating" we can make it say "Contact form plugin needs updating". wordfence could be called "Security plugin", smartcrawl could be "SEO plugin" and so on.

    On top of this, the feature request should say "contact form plugin is out of date, it's on version x," by telling them the version number client can clearly see that the version number is going up and everything is more understandable for them.

    I left my reports turned on for a few weeks and it just confused me on how the reports are meant to work if we are not being honest with the clients. If a plugin is old and needs updating, it should say so in the report. If we are supplying reports then I think they should be accurate and not say "Everything is up-tp-date" when it's not.

    Please read what I've said carefully and understand where I am coming from. I think that the "everything is up-to-date" issue definitely needs to be addressed and the feature request would be a huge improvement.

    Many thanks,

  • Dimitris

    Hello there Dean,

    hope you're doing good and really appreciate the feedback on this! :slight_smile:

    As more members complained about this, we already pushed a fix for Clients reports.

    If no updates occurred and they have available updates, then we change the icon to yellow and make the text:

    You have {x} available updates pending.


    This is a temporary fix until Reports 2.0, where we'll have the option to select whether we want to show the still available updates section to Clients or not.

    Warm regards,

  • Dean

    Hi Dimitris,

    Thank you, I just tested it and indeed it does say "You have {x} available updates pending. " which is good. I have 2 more questions though:

    1. What did you mean by "This is a temporary fix until Reports 2.0, where we'll have the option to select whether we want to show the still available updates section to Clients or not." ?

    Is it not working as intended now?

    2. Also, what did you think about the possibility of being able to assign custom names to the plugins? This way clients can see in more detail what is going on, but without giving away all of the plugins we are using.

  • Dean

    I have 1 more concern:

    3. I just updated one of my plugins and sent myself another report.

    Last time it said "You have 10 available updates pending" and this time it said "You have 9 available updates pending"

    The problem with this, it that the client can't actually see what plugins / themes have been updated. What if I do not have any plugins to update on January 1st and the report is sent out. Next, we run some needed updates on January 10th, and in the next monthly report no updates need to be done.

    In these 2 client reports, they will say "Everything is up-tp-date!" However we have actaully been updating plugins behind the scenes and the client can't see this. Rightfully, if these clients keep seeing "Everything is up-tp-date!" without seeing what has actually been updated, then they will think we are doing nothing at all to maintain their site and cancel their maintenance plan...

    What definitely needs to happen is to have the messages "You have 9 available updates pending" and "x number have been updated since [last report date]" otherwise clients will think nothing is being done.

    In an ideal world, point 2 of my previous post would be implemented, so that clients get a list of custom named plugins which have been updated, alongside the version number and a message which says ""x number have been updated since [last report date]".

    Many thanks,

  • Nastia

    Hello Dean

    I trust you're doing well!

    1. What did you mean by "This is a temporary fix until Reports 2.0, where we'll have the option to select whether we want to show the still available updates section to Clients or not." ?

    This is a temporary fix because this sections will be more customizable from your end, ie. there will be an option to show available updates or not.

    Adding {x} number have been updated since [last report date] makes sense to the Client's report, to show to a client that his site is being supported. I've forwarded your feedback to our developers so they could consider adding it.

    As for renaming the plugins do you mean to rename the plugin on the back end of your site? You can rename the plugins with some custom coding on your site and with some plugins. Please see this list:

    Hope this helps!


  • Dean

    Hi Nastia

    Regarding the temporary fix, please see Dimitris comment. I was quoting what he previously wrote and asking him what he meant by that? What will reports look like after the temporary fix.

    In regards to renaming plugins this is still in regards to the WPMU Dev Reports NOT the backend of WordPress. I am saying it would be much better if when setting up reports we could rename the plugins which will be shown in the reports. So when the report is emailed out to the client, instead of saying "SmartCrawl", "WordFence", "Akismet", on the report they receive, it could say "SEO Plugin", "Security Plugin", "Spam Plugin", or whatever we wish to call them.


  • Dimitris

    Hello there Dean

    What will reports look like after the temporary fix.

    I'm sorry if that wasn't clear to you. So now there's this "You have {x} available updates pending. " message. In Reports 2.0 there is going to be an option, so you can select to show pending updates to Clients (with above message), or not, so previous message will be showing ("Everything is at the latest version! No updates were needed.")

    In regards to renaming plugins this is still in regards to the WPMU Dev Reports NOT the backend of WordPress.

    This has been discussed within our growth team and developers and a new task created for them, so we can add this functionality for new Reports version. :slight_smile:
    I really can't share any kind of estimated time on this though, hope you understand.

    Warm regards,

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