Client Wants To Know How Much It Will Cost To Use Your Plugins

I have a client that is fiercely independent and doesn’t want to rely on me to maintain any plugins or themes I install on his site.

I am an Elegant Themes member, have been for a couple years now, and my client wants the Divi theme. So instead of relying on MY lifetime membership and using my plugin without additional charges, they are purchasing their own lifetime membership. I don’t know that they will funnel out $99/mo to keep the plugins that I am going to recommend from WPMUDEV tho. So I’m wondering, does WPMUDEV have per Plugin memberships? Or purchase licenses?

My client wants a calendar, event scheduler, memberships, classifieds, and that is a LARGE part of why I finally broke down and purchased my WPMUDEV license, that and the amazing deal I was offered by your company. SO… I find myself a happy new member, but I need to at least offer my client prices to run those plugins at least… or if that isn’t an option then what is?