Clone Single WP site install into a MultiSite install


I'm curious is there is a way to clone what is currently a single WP site install and move it into what is now a MultiSite wordpress install?

We have a website that is about to undergo a rebranding (we'll call this site DJLA). With this re-branding, as well as the possibility of new websites in the future, we felt it was time to move into a MultiSite installation. I have installed the domain name for the new website under this MultiSite install (DJLA is the single site, and it will become DJSF, which is installed on the multisite).

I am familiar with your Cloner plugin, but as one site is still a single install, and the other is a network install, we can only utilize the plugin for the MultiSite. Is there a way to take the information from site 1 (DJLA) and move it into site 2 (DJSF)? I am trying to avoid building out a brand new website, as the themes, plugins, designs and everything else will remain, the only thing changing will the the logo and name.

I have read through your forums and there seem to be a few people asking similar questions, but I haven't been able to find anything specific to this question. There are a few Cloner and Duplicate plugins for WordPress floating around the web, but I'd like to keep things within the WPMUDev world to aid in compatibility.

Do you offer a plugin that can import a single wordpress install into a multi-site install, or does this lead to a much larger and more complicated situation?

I have the WPMUDev dashboard installed on both our single site install as well as the multisite install and have already allowed access to the support team.