Cloned Wordpress/Buddypress Website (social theme)

I moved an up to date wordpress/buddypress website from hostgator to wp-engine last Thursday night and we have had a variety of problems, which we are now down to one. I am using the Buddypress Group Email Subscription plugin and all notifications work except the daily and weekly ones.

Here is the interesting thing. Last night I was going to test on a site and used the cloning feature with wp-engine to clone the website. I decided to not use it, and therefore left it alone. This morning the daily notification went out on it.

I am working with wp-engine support, but we still can't figure out why it worked on the cloned site and we can't get it on the existing. We have checked the obvious stuff like htaccess and wp-config, looked into how and if the email generation was different, and turned on debugging on the existing site.

We actually have not been able to login to the cloned site yet to check more things (a 502 issue we are working on), but for example I know that sometimes group forums need to be "installed" again before working, so I tried uninstalling those and testing the daily notification, but that didn't work.

I would LOVE any thoughts of what else you think would change on a cloned site that would have made that plugin start working. Once we get into the site we can get more data, but wp-engine isn't as versed on the buddypress side, so any feedback there would be great (or any where really) as at this point this is the last issue of 4 days of working all hours.

The site is

Thanks! David