[Cloner] Cloner for Websites

Am I able to use this under my current plan? If not, how much would it cost?

  • Steve - Just Think BiG
    • Thinking Bigger

    I've used Snapshot very successfully for this, although I've found that manually installing the themes and plugins into the new install makes it relatively slow.

    Whilst they're not WPMUDEV plugins, there are two others that I've used to create clones of sites that I want to re-use. I started with Duplicator, which always worked seamlessly but is more technical (but not very technical). I then discovered All-in-One WP Migration, which is very simple (point and click) and has always worked seamlessly, as well.

    Interestingly, you can use these to create the new WP install with the necessary them and plugins to then restore a snapshot, or you can use it to literally clone the site you want to copy.

    The only caveat with All-in-One WP migration is that if the site your'e cloning is larger than 500Mb, you need to purchase the Pro version (not usually necessary if your site is going to be a new install but can be for moving a large, existing site). There's also a paid version for moving multi-sites.

    Personally, I'm excited to see Shipper and find out how simple it is to operate.



  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I've also used Duplicator, as recently as one week ago. Each time I use it, it's with a lack of confidence due to unfamiliarity, but once a site is migrated, I look back and remark how easy it was. So I would look at this, not as a technical solution, but simply one that has a few pieces that one must get right in order for everything to work. And it does work. It's never failed me, the results are amazing. The ONLY thing that I think it does not do that it should is to rebuild the permalink indices - which is done simply by going to the permalinks page and doing nothing but clicking the Save button.

    So if you need to do this Now, I encourage you to re-visit Duplicator. It works and I don't believe there are any limits. I think it's amazing that it's still freeware.


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