[Cloner] Cloner needs a fix

I have raised some of the following issues on a few occasions with your team (through the chat) but I thought I would summarize it here and see what WPMU can do.

CLONER requires several fixes and I just hope that WPMU can fix them. As it stands right now, it is causing me more issues than it assists me, forcing me to look around for other solutions.

I was hoping to see some fixes applied after some of the chat session I had with support but it did not happen. So here it is….

1. Default home page : When cloning a site, the parameter in wordpress settings/reading reverts back to the default settings : Your latest post. That should not be. Home page to be displayed should remain the same as the original blog

2. I have a bilingual site and I use WPML. When cloning, it completely loses its references between english page and french pages. So rather than having let's say 25 pages french (which is the original language) and 25 english pages, I end up (after cloning) with 50 french pages where half of them are written in english. So WPML loses the connection between the pages. Bottom line: I have to redo manually the connections between the french and english pages.

3. After cloning, all hyperlinks that are part of the content still point to the original website. Let say I clone site B to Site A. After cloning, all hyperlinks that are part of the content still refer to site B. Those references should be updated to refer to site A.

Your assistance in fixing those issues would be more than welcome and would make CLONER so much more useful and easy to use. The whole WPMU community would benefit from such an upgrade.

Thank you for your assistance.

Looking forward to your answer.