Cloner copies sites but kills their dashboard – no wp-admin links work on them


I installed and network activated Cloner.

I cloned a site (Site ID#2 — not the main site).

The site cloned and all of the site is there.

However, there is no admin access to anything on the site.

This is true whether I go directly to the new (cloned) site’s URLs, or if I try to use the Network Sites page to go to the dashboard.

All of the admin links fail with blank pages:




The wp-login.php page works, but once I login–it’s a blank page.

I am logged in as a Network Admin, which also has access to the cloned site’s admin (at least it does in the User records for the site).

Seems I don’t need to ask, but “How can I get the admin and dashboard available again for cloned sites?”