Cloner doesn't work, Error 'Unknown column 'type' in 'where clause'

It's showing this error ' Revolution Slider Error: fetch - Unknown column 'type' in 'where clause'
Query: select * from wp_3_revslider_sliders where type != 'template' order by id - See more at: '

you can see the error here ..

I have tried two plugins cloner and snapshot and neither of them are working. The support team is driving me in circles. I have wasted few days already. I want refund, please let me know where to ask for it.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @techie2566

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with our Cloner & Snapshot plugins.

    But I can find only one other support ticket you've created for any issue, with a single response by a staff member directing you to a post with detailed instructions to resolve that other issue.

    As for this one with Cloner, it appears it had difficulty replicating the Revolution Slider from the original site to the destination one (I'm presuming you linked to the destination site above).

    Can you please try by unchecking all tables relevant to that slider plugin when cloning the site. Revolution Slider does have its own built-in export/import features, so that may be an easier way to reproduce that slider on your destination site.

    However, if you do wish to proceed with a refund request, please contact our accounts team via email using our contact form here:

    Be sure to select "I have a billing question" from the options to ensure it gets to the right department.

    We'd hate to see you go and would much prefer working with you to get this up & running on your install.

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